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The Project

The project React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence Through Youth Work is funded by the Erasmus+, Action K2 Strategic Partnership for youth, has a duration 24 months and is being implemented in five EU countries, namely Cyprus, Greece, Poland, France (including Martinique) and Spain.

Sexual violence is considered among the most serious social problems,occurring against any person, regardless gender,age,race at any place,at any time.The project greatly supports that all Youth NGOs have the obligation to run effective sexual violence prevention, advocacy and support policies, protocols and programs, as part of their responsibilities for protection of the mental and physical health of children, especially those with fewer opportunities. The lack of awareness, education, information, capacity related problems NGOs face and lack of professional skills, abilities and competences of staff in dealing with sexual violence, appear as obstacles to this.


Aims and Objectives

The aim of the project is to provide youth NGOs with innovative comprehensive tools and means, to successfully and effectively adopt, plan, and implement prevention policies, strategies, programmes and practices aiming to combating sexual violence against children, adolescents and youth, based on primary prevention approaches including information sharing, awareness raising, education, training, networking and cooperation, using non-formal learning tools and methods.

The objectives: 

1)To provide knowledge on national and EU official strategies, and action plans preventing sexual violence,against children and young people, effective programs and good practices implemented by NGOs.

2)To raise awareness against sexual violence, using online campaign tools,to engage the involvement of all target groups in creative ways.

3)To provide a comprehensive package of innovative e-learning and training tools,which can be adopted by youth NGOs.

4)To support open education resources on sexual violence prevention and promote collaboration fostering also inclusion of learners with fewer opportunities,via an interactive e-learning platform.

5) To engage professionals from different EU countries,in collaboration to produce and provide youth NGOs with innovative products contributing to combating sexual violence.

6)To engage youth workers/leaders in meeting in an intercultural learning environment,exchange ideas and establish networks.7)To engage stakeholders in discussions and exchange of ideas,to collaborate and develop joint future actions preventing sexual violence on a community level.

7) To raise awareness among youth,on the danger of sexual violence and ways for protection,and if they have been victimized or are at risk to seek help and support.

Target Groups

1) NGO Board Members, Directors, Managers.

2) NGO staff,researchers,practitioners,experts,specialists.

3) Youth leaders/workers/ volunteers coaches, mentors, coordinators.

4) Active volunteers of youth NGOs, providing support and assistance in youth initiatives.

5) Young people, especially those with fewer opportunities,facing social or financial obstacles, disabled, refugees,migrants,unemployed and others,benefiting directly from youth initiatives.

6)Public authority stakeholders,government officials,policy makers involved in the youth sector.

7)Media representatives who are sensitive and interested in contributing towards sexual violence prevention.

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