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The youth blended mobility, was organized, under the framework of the project entitled “React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence Through Youth Work”, funded by Erasmus+ K2 Strategic Partnership. The aim of the mobility was to practically share information, provide learning, teach and raise awareness among young people, on sexual violence prevention effective methods and ways, utilizing the modules developed during the project. Young people received information and practical knowledge on ways and measures to undertake to protect themselves and others from sexual violence. They also learned the importance of adopting and maintaining a bystander behavior and stand against any sexual related inappropriate behavior and attitude by others.


The training sessions included:

- Strategic awareness-raising practices and tools

- Awareness raising in multiple settings targeting parents,

peers, school and youth initiatives.

- Creative artistic tools for prevention

- Visual printed tools: strong anti-violence slogans, logos,

leaflets, posters, booklets, and other visual printed material.Use of digital tools for campaigns, social media.

- Bystander-focused sexual violence prevention.

- Identification of sexual violence cases, detection of risky situations, challenging sexist attitudes and behaviors, intervention and provision of support to children/young people at risk or danger of experiencing sexual violence.

- Effective sexual violence prevention youth programs and good practices

Individual-level: enhancement of personal skills: self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem, empowerment, determination, never giving up to life goals, support of positive ideas and attitudes, protection of own self.

- Enhancement of social life values: integrity, respect, honesty, love, positive thinking, courage, responsibility, positive social manners and attitudes.

- Interpersonal relationship-level: enhancement of relationships with peers, family members, friends and others. Respect to gender equality and human rights, commitment, learning what is right and what is wrong. Learning to say no when a situation is negative or dangerous.

Positive communication with family and friends. Community relationship level:Positive relationships at school/university environment and in a youth NGO or social group.

- Female activism: collective initiatives by girls/women taking measures for protection against sexual violence. Male activism: collective initiatives by boys/men taking measures for protection but also to reduce use of sexual violence.Peer-to-Peer support and mentoring.Group initiatives promoting a healthy non-violent society.


A variety of non-formal methods and tools will be used throughout the mobility to deliver sessions more effectively. All learning methods have been chosen in such a way so as to contribute towards the project's objectives and participants' needs.

React-Act-Prevent sexual

violence through youth work

youth mobility

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