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Which tools or practices can you implement to promote sexual violence prevention within your NGO?

This challenge is about reacting and preventing sexual violence within your close and professional surrounding. Collect ideas with your colleagues and volunteers and shot a 1 – 3 minutes long video, while implementing your idea. You can use games, interactive or experiential exercises and send a strong message against sexual violence showing how your NGO contributes towards this cause. Share this video on your Social Media accounts using the hashtags.


How to publish your message

  • Create your video: Your video, in English or your native language, about programs within your organization to prevent sexual violence and use non-formal activities.

  • Post your message on yourSocial Mediaaccount (either on Facebook, Instagramand or Twitter) and tag the page of the campaign

          - Facebook@ReactActPreventSV

          - Instagram@ReactActPreventSV

          - Twitter @ReactActPrevent

  • Include the hashtags #YouthWorkChallenge #StopSexualViolence #ReactActPrevent  at the end of your message

  • Messages will be widely disseminated throughout Europe.



The challenge will run from December 2018 across Europe and you can participate as many times as you wish.

Aim of the Campaign

• to challenge young people around Europe to send strong messages against sexual violence, using creative and innovative

•to initiate a strong and ongoing online awareness-raising and prevention wave against sexual violence, attracting the interest of people all around Europe

•to encourage, invite and challenge youth NGOs, from Europe and the rest of the world, to contribute towards initiating a strong European prevention movement against sexual violence

•to foster co-operation, involvement and support by other community stakeholders, including public authorities and educational institutes.


The Project: React Act Prevent Sexual ViolenceThrough Youth Work


The Campaign is implemented within the framework of the project React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence Through Youth Workfunded by the Erasmus+, Action K2 Strategic Partnership for Youth, and is being implemented in five EU countries: Cyprus, Greece, Poland, France (including Martinique) and Spain. The Challenge will run simultaneously in all five participating countries.

Learn more about the project by visiting or thefacebook page @ReactActPreventSV.

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