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Coordinator Organization

The Social Policy and Action Organization, is a not-for-profit organization established in Cyprus in August 2014. The main goal of the Organization is to work towards the enhancement of quality of life of citizens targeting mostly vulnerable groups, including young people, covering all social policy related areas. The Organization actively supports and promotes core principles of quality of life, thus being Human Well Being, Health, Employment/Financial Independence, Family Status, Socialization and Social Protection.

The activities of the Organisation are designed under two pillars: A) Design and implementation of Actions targeting specific social problems. B) Development and promotion of social policy recommendations. Among its activities are: 1) Design and implementation of academic research and surveys; 2) Monitoring of social policy related legislations and directives; 3) Mapping of effective social policy practices and actions in other countries; 4) Design and implementation of projects contributing towards combating identified social problems, supporting vulnerable groups, including young people, promoting human rights, combating all kinds of discriminations in all levels of the society and promoting equal opportunities for all; 6) Provision of support, empowerment and enhancement of the quality of life of vulnerable groups; 7) Awareness raising, dissemination of information and organization of social campaigns; 8) Establishment of a network with national and international parties, involved in social policy issues.

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