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The project React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence Through Youth Work is funded by the Erasmus+, Action K2 Strategic Partnership for youth, has a duration 24 months and is being implemented in five EU countries, namely Cyprus, Greece, Poland, France (including Martinique) and Spain. 
Sexual violence is considered among the most serious social problems,occurring against any person, regardless gender,age,race at any place,at any time.The project greatly supports that all Youth NGOs have the obligation to run effective sexual violence prevention, advocacy and support policies, protocols and programs, as part of their responsibilities for protection of the mental and physical health of children, especially those with fewer opportunities. The lack of awareness, education, information, capacity related problems NGOs face and lack of professional skills, abilities and competences of staff in dealing with sexual violence, appear as obstacles to this.

Youth Awareness Raising Campaign 

React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence


React Act Prevent Sexual Violence in Fashion Industry

React - Act - Prevent Sexual Violence in Fashion Industry!
Women working in clothing and shoe factories in third countries, and not only, the likelihood of large well-known companies in the US and Europe, are experiencing systematic sexual harassment and violence in their work on a daily basis. Volunteers from the Social Policy and Action Organization, will take part in the innovative Fashion Awareness Festival @ AGORA PROJECT, to be held from 19th to 21st of April, at the Municipal Market of Nicosia, Square of the Town Hall.


React Act Prevent Social Media Challenges



Say NO to sexual violence with a Photo, Poster, Drawing, Selfie and Text!

Be innovative, creative

and original!

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Motivate Young People!

You are well known famous! A lot of young people follow you. They look up to you!

Become a role model!

Poster TapeItChallenge.png


Send a strong video message against sexual violence with a short video!

Share your message with people all over the World!

teamup challenge.jpg


Gather a group of friends, team up, prepare your own transcript, music and lyrics and make an innovative video against sexual violence.

3rd challenge eng.poster.jpg


Which tools or practices can you implement to promote sexual violence prevention within NGO? 



Express Yourselves with a Flash Mob! Make a Statement Against Sexual Violence with your Dance, Theater, Music, Sport or any other public Show!


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“Sexual Violence Prevention Through Youth Work: Strategies, Programmes and Good Practices in Europe”


"React Act Prevent Sexual Violence For Better Communities”

Research Survey


The goal of the Research Study is to a) gather data and information on effective policies, programmes, good practices applied by youth NGOs to combat sexual violence against children, adolescents and young people and b) to measure the level of awareness of importance and interest of NGOs to adopt and apply effective sexual violence prevention, advocacy and support policies, protocols and programmes, as part of their responsibilities towards the protection of the mental and physical health of their members, including children, adolescents and young people. 

The research study is conducted simultaneously in Cyprus, by the Social Policy and Action Organization (coordinator), and in partner countries, Poland by Stowarzyszenie Promocji Zdrowia i Profilaktyki "HOPP", Greece by the United Societies of Balkans, Spain by the Building Bridges Cultural Association and France by D'Antilles Et D’Ailleurs. 


Links to the Survey Questionnaire:

English language:

Greek language:  


Spanish language:


Polish language:   

French language: 

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