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Research Survey



a) to gather data and information on effective policies, programmes, good practices applied by youth NGOs to combat sexual violence against children, adolescents and young people 

b) to measure the level of awareness of importance and interest of NGOs to adopt and apply effective sexual violence prevention, advocacy and support policies, protocols and programmes, as part of their responsibilities towards the protection of the mental and physical health of their members, including children, adolescents and young people. 


The research study is conducted simultaneously in Cyprus, by the Social Policy and Action Organization (coordinator), and in partner countries, Poland by Stowarzyszenie Promocji Zdrowia i Profilaktyki "HOPP", Greece by the United Societies of Balkans, Spain by the Building Bridges Cultural Association and France by D'Antilles Et D’Ailleurs. 



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Sexual Violence Prevention Through Youth Work: Strategies, Programmes and Good Practices in Europe

It is with great pleasure to announce the publication of the 1st Intellectual Output of the project "React-Act-Prevent of Sexual Violence Through Youth Work", co-funded by the Erasmus+ European Programme of the European Union. K2 Strategic Partnership.

The Guide entitled “Sexual Violence Prevention Through Youth Work: Strategies, Programmes and Good Practices in Europe”, represents the first Intellectual Output of the project “React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence Through Youth Work”, as the result of a research study conducted during the first months of the project. The Guide represents a comprehensive resource with data and information, as published and expressed publicly by relative stakeholders, on the following sexual: 
1. Academic research work performed around Europe regarding effective sexual violence prevention approaches, programs and good practices, 
2. National, European and international strategies and policies promoting sexual violence prevention and proposed action plans and directives, 
3. Effective sexual violence prevention strategies, policies, programmes, good practices and actions (including non-formal tools and methods) implemented by NGOs and other stakeholders around Europe.

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