During the project, each partner established an informational, awareness and training centre in their town, entitled R.A.P.S.V. INFO CENTER (REACT-ACT-PREVENT SEXUAL VIOLENCE INFO CENTERS).All R.A.P.S.V. Info Centres are identical, with common characteristics in physical appearance, services provided and material distributed, to initiate a patterned unique franchised chain. This contributed towards future actions for transferring the idea of the R.A.P.S.V. Info Centres to other countries by other NGOs.The Centres  operate within the physical spaces of Cyprus, Greece and Spain and online in Poland and Martinique, France. They will represent the core contact point for information on the project, its activities and especially, its outputs and material produced throughout its duration. The Centres' staff and volunteers provide information, and raise awareness on sexual violence prevention strategies, policies, programs and practices a youth NGO can adopt and apply in their activities for protection of children and young people, especially those with fewer opportunities. All outputs developed during the project are utilized at the centre. The Centres also provide assistance and training services to other youth NGOs, staff and volunteers using the training modules produced during the project. The Centres are equipped with material relevant to sexual violence prevention including those produced during the project, which are available for wide dissemination. Services are provided on a person-to-person level and online, to any person who is interested on sexual violence prevention, including professionals or volunteers representing various youth NGOs, community or governmental officials, media professionals, parents and young people interested to acquire information or assistance on sexual violence prevention issues.