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ORGANIZER: Social policy and action organization

23rd – 26th March 2018

- Cyprus -


The main goals of the 1st Transnational Partner Meeting organized at Semeli Hotel,in Nicosia,Cyprus,was to officially launch the project,to discuss the Project Management Plan, the Financial Plan and the Dissemination Plan, dissemination tools and material, as well as important milestones, deadlines, methods of coordination and monitoring of activities and regular communication. Collaboration agreements were signed among partners to officially launch the project.

In addition the following issues were discussed:

a) The research study resulting to the production of the 1st intellectual output, the Guide on "Sexual Violence Prevention Through Youth Work: Strategies, Programmes and Good Practices in Europe" , including the content and structure of questionnaires, target groups, methodology,on-line distribution of questionnaires as well as desired outputs.

b) The online awareness-raising campaign namely the 6 challenges,including the content,methods.

c) The subjects of the 42 Training Modules which will be developed throughout the project. 

d) The E-Learning Training Modules, which programme to utilize and the design. 

Towards the end dissemination tools were discussed, agreed, milestones and deadlines were set. 


Meeting minutes were developed and distributed to all. 

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