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A Comprehensive Guide




The Guide entitled “Sexual Violence Prevention Through Youth Work: Strategies, Programmes and Good Practices in Europe”, represents the first Intellectual Output of the project “React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence Through Youth Work”, as the result of a research study conducted during the first months of the project.

The Guide represents a comprehensive resource with data and information, as published and expressed publicly by relative stakeholders, on the following sexual:

- Academic research work performed around Europe regarding effective sexual violence prevention approaches, programs and good practices,

- National, European and international strategies and policies promoting sexual violence prevention and proposed action plans and directives,

- Effective sexual violence prevention strategies, policies, programmes, good practices and actions (including non-formal tools and methods) implemented by NGOs and other stakeholders around Europe.

It is expected that the Guide will be beneficial to a) NGOs, youth workers/leaders and volunteers all around Europe who will have access to a valuable resource publication containing policies, strategies, programmes and good practices, which have proven effective towards sexual violence prevent.


The Guide will give them ideas and inspire them on how to utilize this information either to adopt the same methods or tools or amend them and develop new projects, b) youth workers/leaders/volunteers who will have the opportunity to study and adopt methods and tools included in the Guide, even requesting more information or assistance by the creators, c) academics and education professionals who will review material and information, become familiar with the work performed by youth NGOs on sexual violence prevention and in many cases request collaboration, d) young people, especially those with fewer opportunities who will become aware of the projects and services provided by different stakeholders and request more information out of interest or to seek assistance in case of victimization, e) parents and members of the community who will become aware of the services provided, seeking guidance for protection of their children, f) representatives of other community stakeholders who will receive information, increasing opportunities for collaboration with NGOs on development of effective sexual violence prevention actions at a community level.

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